Beast + Bottle will have a single tap: a signature saison from Berthoud's City Star Brewing

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When it opens in the former Olivea space on 17th Avenue, Beast + Bottle, a restaurant serving rustic, sustainable dishes, will focus on the wine menu. But it will have one beer tap -- a single handle pouring a signature saison made by City Star Brewing in Berthoud. Paul C. and Aileen Reilly, the brother-and-sister team who created Beast + Bottle, met the owners of City Star, John Way and Whitney Taylor, last summer at the home of a mutual friend and talked about the idea of designing a beer that would match the food.

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Beast + Bottle Facebook page
Paul C. and Aileen Reilly at the site of Beast + Bottle.
"After tasting some of their beers, we decided that a saison would really go well with our concept, which is a rustic style of food. In fact, we are going to give the whole restaurant that urban farmhouse look," says Paul. "Saisons are the original farmhouse beer."

City Star, which first opened in May 2012, operates on a three-barrel brewing system in a renovated, 100-year-old former barn.

Last week, Reilly went to Berthoud to talk about flavor profiles with Way, who is testing four versions of a rye-enhanced, Belgian/American hybrid saison.

"It will be a saison with some American hops and some rye in there," Way says. "Belgian saision yeast makes beers that pair really well with food."

Several other restaurants in Denver and Boulder serve special house beers made by local breweries. They include Ace, which pours Vine Street Pub's Ace Asian Session Ale; Centro, which serves Top Rope made by Upslope; Hops & Pie, which has a house beer made by Strange Brewing; and Steve's Snappin' Dogs, which serves a Bull & Bush made brew.

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Beast + Bottle

719 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

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I'm sure that City Star's Saison is outstanding, but as a patron, I'd like to have a choice and not have it made for me.

Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

Unsure how I feel about one tap... Certainly breaks the mold of "more beer is better beer". I just hope they nail their one and only draft beer.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Fletcherneedsajob @maxplanck0 There are plenty of top-quality restaurants with zero tap handles and nobody's complaining. A draft system is only one way of delivering quality beer - it's entirely possible that Beast & Bottle will have a well-planned list of bottled beers too.

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