Photos: Warren Monteiro wins Beerdrinker of the Year honors at the Wynkoop

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Warren Monteiro beerdrinker.jpg
All photos by Brandon Marshall.
This year's winner, Warren Monteiro.
Three of the most erudite beer drinkers in the country graced the Wynkoop Brewing Company on Saturday to compete in the seventeenth annual Beerdrinker of the Year competition. Only one, though -- Warren Monteiro, a New York City freelance writer, beer traveler, homebrewer and beer columnist -- came away with fame and fortune. Monteiro, a previous finalist, won because of his "in-depth beer expertise, extensive travels in pursuit of beer, and his efforts to promote great beer to others," the Wynkoop wrote afterward. Look below for photos of the fun, or click the link after the final photo to Westword's full Beerdrinker of the Year slide show.

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For more photos, visit our full slide show.

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