Best of Denver 2013 Readers' Poll: The Food & Drink finalists

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For the first time in the thirty-year history of Westword's Best of Denver, we've split the Best of Denver Readers' Poll into two rounds, giving you the chance to look at the vote-getters and then voting again for your favorite bars, restaurants and foods in Denver and Boulder. And the results of the first round are in! Keep reading to uncover the five finalists you, the readers, have selected for the Food & Drink categories on this year's Readers' Poll. And know this: You still have the chance to change the results.

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The finalists listed below are by no means shoe-ins -- meaning that in the next (and final) round of voting, you can either vote for your favorite finalist or start over with a completely different entry. The final deadline for both print and online voting is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20, at which point we'll close the poll and calculate the results one last time. You'll be able to read both Westword and Readers' Poll winners when our annual Best of Denver issue hits stands on March 28.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the first-round finalists in the comments section below. And don't forget to vote! Note: If a category is "new" (Best New Restaurant, for example), limit your answers to restaurants that opened in 2012.

The standings as of Monday, February 24:

Best bakery:
Denver Bread Company
Buffalo Doughboy
The Shoppe
Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery
Happy Cakes

Best pancakes:
The Original Pancake House
DJ's Berkley Cafe

Best chicken and waffles:
Pink Tank
Euclid Hall
Vegan Van

Best brunch buffet:
Brown Palace Hotel
The Broadmoor (Colorado Springs)
Washington Park Grille
NoNo's Cafe

Best burrito:
Diego Zhang's
DJ's Berkeley Cafe
Breakfast King
Santiago's Mexican Restaurant
Sam's No. 3

Best breakfast burrito -- to go:
Tacos Rapidos
Bubba Chinos

Continue reading for more Best of Denver 2013 finalists.

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Mellow Mushroom? Santiago's?  Heavy, heavy sigh ballot stuffers...


This is a disgrace that Russel's Smoke house wasn't nominated for best BBQ.  Brothers BBQ got the nod? Are you kidding me?  That is fast food compared to Russel's.  Across the board, everything at Russel's is far superior to those on that list.  Quite frankly, its better than the so-called best BBQ joints in the country (Blue Smoke, Salt Lick, etc.)  Just my $0.02


maggianos in the same category as il posto and luca? wow. throw in the olive garden. make the competition REALLY stiff. and what's with the steak houses? the keg, ted's montana grill, and texas roadhouse? i propose this article be titled "the best AND WORST of denver"


SO psyched TAG was in the running for Best Fried Pickles. Man, Troy has come a LONG way!!


I can't imagine what would bring a person to submit Beau Jo's or Mellow Mushroom as best pizza or even best specialty pizza with as many truly great pizza restaurants we have in this town.  In fact the only decent pizza listed in either of the two groups is Hops and Pie.  IMO all the others listed are hacks.  Who is stuffing the ballot boxes?

Justin Petaccio
Justin Petaccio

Are you going to release the results so far for the entertainment categories?


Seeing KFC and Popeye's as finalists for friend chicken has killed any desire I had to keep on responding to this reader's poll.


Where are the results for entertainment?

Mantonat topcommenter

BBQ: Country Time and Winston Hill's. Seriously, just go eat at either place and then change your vote. 

Matt McDonald
Matt McDonald

Why is Hey PB&J in the food cart category? It is a Food Truck.

Mantonat topcommenter

@david.m.roth Not exactly nominated, but rather voted on by Westword readers. These are just the top choices so far. Voters are still free to select other options. Otherwise, I totally agree with you. 

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