Booze bandits break into Central Bistro & Bar

Central Bistro & Bar, 1691 Central Street, was broken into earlier this morning, but all the assailants were interested in, apparently, was alcohol.

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According to surveillance footage, three men broke a window with a large rock and proceeded to steal about thirty bottles of booze...and nothing else.

The restaurant is currently open for regular service, and the window should be replaced within the week; call 303-477-4582 for updates.

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Central Bistro & Bar

1691 Central St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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There are still gang bangers in this hood?  I thought they were pushed out by the douchebag hipsters and relegated to parts of Aurora and Commerce City.

Gordon Cresswell
Gordon Cresswell

Gang-bangers? So once they rob your store they pull a train on somebody?

Leo Bortolotto
Leo Bortolotto

Bastards! Probably the same gang-bangers who hit Amendment XXI 3 TIMES this year!

ScubaSteve topcommenter


In reference to Gordon Cresswell"s post, in the days from about the early 1980's going back, gangbanging meant pulling a train on somebody.  The usage of that expression is in  It's true that the meaning of the expression has changed over time.

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