Reader: Cafe Byblos is pretty darn good -- but the pita is pitiful

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Mark Manger
The pita is scarier than the lamb tongue soup at Cafe Byblos.
Last week Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Cafe Byblos, a new Mediterranean restaurant whose sunny interior and bright flavors transported her to a much warmer place. Over the last few months, Cafe Byblos has collected many fans...but not of its pita, apparently.

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Says Denver Dave:

Well, I agree with most of what Gretchen has to say here but overall I think the food is pretty darn good -- certainly for this neighborhood which is sorely lacking in Mediterranean food (unless you like Pete's numerous incarnations). Unlike Gretchen, I love the falafel here because it is not fried into a hockey puck like so many places. The hummus is the best I've ever tasted in Denver and the kebobs aren't burned to a crisp - lamb still moist and delish. But, and this is a big but for a Mediterranean restaurant, their pita is horrific. Man up, Sam, and start baking your own or find a decent bakery to do it for you. If you get take out they actually package the pita in the plastic commercial bags they come in from California. Awful.

Have you eaten at Cafe Byblos? Read Gretchen Kurtz's review here -- and write your own review of Cafe Byblos on its Voice Places page.

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

I haven't been to Cafe Byblos and I don't think I will.  I'l stick to Ya Hala on Colorado Blvd and Evans.


@foodcrazy I haven't tried Cafe Byblos, but surely it's better than Ya Hala, which must rank among the most mediocre food and horrible service in town.  My vote for best Middle Eastern goes to Sahara on Arapahoe.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

@TheJeff @foodcrazy 

Ya Hala has received Westword's Best Middle Eastern Restaurant award two years in a row and the place hasn't changed since.  I've been going there for six years now.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

@foodcrazy @Denver Dave @TheJeff What you say about Yelp is true but in my experience a restaurant with 75 reviews and an average rating of 2 &1/2 stars isn't the best of anything.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

@Denver Dave @TheJeff @foodcrazy 

Anyone can post anything to Yelp.  Anyone can sit down right now and post a good or shitty review of a food joint even if they've never been there.

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