Reader: Why aren't there more freshwater fish on Denver menus?

Would you like to see this perch on your plate?
As the chef at Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar, Jeremy Thomas sees a lot of oysters. The one food he can't live without, though, is crab lebs. "I've loved them ever since I was a little boy eating at SeaGalley by Southwest Plaza," he tells Lori Midson in this week's Chef and Tell, "and I still think they're the best things ever."

But there are more fish in the sea, diners say.

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Says chuckroast:

I'd like to see more variety of freshwater fish on menus in Denver. My favorite freshwater fish for the dinner table are walleye, northern pike, crappie, blue gill and perch.

What fish dishes would would you like to see added to local menus? Post your suggestions below, and watch for the second installment of Chef and Tell here later this morning.

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All of this fish chuckroast mentioned are warm water lake fish. In Colorado those only exist when imported and stocked in reservoirs, since we don't really have any natural warm water lakes. And in general, freshwater fish are only found on menus if they can be easily farmed, or they are close enough to very large lakes where they can easily be obtained. 

But I've never had a problem finding trout or Alamosa striped bass on menus here. And the previously mentioned the easily farmed catfish and tilapia are found throughout the nation. I don't think there's really a shortage of freshwater fish on menus, it's just that all of the fish mentioned by chuckroast aren't native or readily available here.

Mantonat topcommenter

Maybe it's more of a regional thing. Catfish - one of my favorites - is not too rare in Denver, but nowhere near as popular as in Southern states. Tilapia - which I can't stand - is nearly everywhere. 


@Mantonat tilapia is easy farmed and readily available. I don't think this is much a taste thing as it is a supply thing.

I'd also love to see more trout, rainbow or brown, on menus here. But since our water management is crap, our rivers are practically dry, and it's not as easily farmed, it's harder to find.

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