Reader: Don't forget Il Posto -- the food can be outstanding

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Mark Manger
Il Posto just celebrated its sixth birthday.
Il Posto just celebrated its sixth birthday, and Gretchen Kurtz marked the occasion by presenting Andrew Frizzi's authentic Italian restaurant with a nice, shiny review. And she's not the only one who appreciates the place:

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Says Philo99:

I couldn't agree with Gretchen more. Il Posto is one of those restaurants you often forget about, until you make it back and remember how outstanding and homey the food can be. To me they have hands down the best pasta dished in Denver.

Get another taste of Gretchen Kurt's review of Il Posto here, and watch for her next review to be posted later today.

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Il Posto

2011 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

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And don't forget about the seafood. Some of the best fish dishes I've ever enjoyed have been at Il Posto.


I'm going to have to agree- always solid and unique food, delicious every time

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