Craft brewery co-ops and an incubator start to take shape in Colorado

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Jason Jewett was inspired to start a brewery co-op when a friend's mom mailed him an article about a co-op that was starting in Michigan. "I'm a very social person, and have always felt that everything is better with a group. I love partnerships and working with other people, and using teamwork to succeed -- so it seemed a perfect fit," he says.

His plan now is to form a co-op and use that structure to create an Indiegogo fundraising campaign; he will also raise money by forming a board of directors who will pay membership rates in exchange for the power to vote on what beers to make and how to run the brewery. "Banks are a fine place to keep my money, but I don't want to owe them anything," Jewett says. "50Brew80 knows there's a giant market of people out there who care deeply about good beer, and want to be a part of its production while also getting the opportunity to get something tangible out of their contribution."

Once the brewery is up and running, Jewett wants to expand the social concept by working with homebrewers to "create their beer and put it on tap and serve it through whatever distribution channels we have. The beers we make won't just be mine, they'll be everyone's... We open ourselves up to a lot of risk, here, but a lot of reward as well. There's nothing quite like giving back, and that's what we want to do."

Jewett plans to launch his Indiegogo campaign this spring, and if he's successful to start looking for space and filling out permitting paperwork over the summer.

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