Reader: Patxi's looks like it does Chicago-style pizza right

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A pizza at the Cherry Creek Patxi's.
When Patzi Azpiroz decided he wanted to introduce authentic deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza in California, he spent two years experimenting with recipes in his San Francisco kitchen. Today there are a half-dozen Patxi's Pizza outlets in California, and this fall Azpiroz and his partner, Bill Freeman, opened the first Colorado Patxi's on South University. On Monday, they opened a second in Cherry Creek.

And it's about time, says one reader:

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Says monopod:

Very excited to see an underrepresented pizza style (Chicago deep dish) making an appearance in Denver, and from a place that does it right (according to friends in San Francisco). Now we just need a true New Haven-style place, a Detroit pan pizza place, and a really good bar pie and I'll be a happy man.

Have you eaten at Patxi's? What do you think of its Chicago-style pizza? What other kinds of pies would you like to see in Denver? And watch for the second half of our Chef and Tell interview with Patxi Azpiroz on Cafe Society later this morning.

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Patxi's Pizza

185 Steele St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Patxi's Pizza

3455 S. University Blvd., Englewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Patxi's is fantastic. However, $25 for a 12" Chicago-style deep dish pizza is a bit steep, even for Cherry Creek.


@Michael564 $25 is about par for the course in Chicago for a Chicago-style pizza. Old Chicago charges $18-21 for their 12" "Chicago-style" pizza. Marco's Coal Fire is in the $18+ range as well.

So, unless ordering from Domino's, $25 is not really out-of-line.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Michael564 How much did that bad boy weigh and how many people did it feed? A 12" Chicago-style can probably feed 3 people (two slices each). Is $8/person for dinner too much?


@NoBoBear @Michael564 Not ot be nit-picky, but (a) Denver isn't Chicago and the cost of living is considerably lower; more importantly (b) $25 is a 39% jump for $18! You accept that as not out-of-line?  You're not from Chicago or Cali, by the way? Just wondering where a near 40% increase in price is normal.
If RTD jumped their fares from 2.25 to 3.15, there'd be screaming in the news. If the movies jumped their tix from $12 to $16.50, there'd be screaming in the streets. If bars raised the price of PBR from $1 to $1.50, OMG! the hipsters would go insane. :-)


@Mantonat @Michael564 Between 4 of us, we polished off all but one piece of the deep-dish, plus a 12" regular pizza, salads all around, and an app.
Your math makes a good point though -- I'm just not used to shelling out $25 for a pizza. :-)

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