Denver Yelp reviews: Pete Marczyk reads Marczyk Fine Foods' strangest on video

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Pete Marczyk reads one of Marczyk Fine Foods' nastier Yelp reviews.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a beloved restaurant, brewery or shop in possession of a good reputation also has no shortage of negative Yelp reviews. Denver's best (and worst) have been served with plenty of them, with Yelpers yapping about everything from bad service to bad salsa, bad signage to bad attitudes. But real pros not only get bad reviews, they learn to take them in stride...and often good humor.

That stance inspired this new, and very occasional, series featuring metro-area restaurateurs, brewers and shop-owners reading their own Yelp reviews -- on camera, a la the YouTube trend. First to step up to the plate: Pete Marczyk, co-owner of Marczyk Fine Foods (and a very good sport).

Pete Marczyk, reading Marczyk Fine Foods'strangest Yelp reviews.

Continue reading for the full video.

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Yelp Reviews of Marczyk Fine Foods: As read by chef and owner Pete Marczyk

Now it's your turn: What do you think of the two Marczyk markets? Leave your own review of the shops here, and tell us what you think of Pete's reading below.

Location Info

Marczyk Fine Foods

770 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Marczyk's II

5100 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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What a marketing strategy. Mock your customer complaints to the public. 

My rule has always been, "the customer is right; at least when other customers are around" Sure we all now that customers are wrong plenty of times but to mock them in public is just low class and distasteful.

I'm sure the yelp reviewers are out of line but I just can't imagine patronizing a man that undertakes such a low class act.

Sorry Marszyk's you have lost me as a customer.


Nut Job...Is there a direct correlation between the reviews and his video? Think about it, if someone is willing to create a video and slam past customers for sharing their own opinions and reviews then how does he really run his establishment. I can tell you how, he doesn't give a crap about what the consumer feels, he has his own ideas on what right and wrong is and if you don't fit in his "box" then your wrong. Let's make fun of past customers...yeah, that works. Two words...Nut Job

Vertigo700 got this wrong. Pete's not taking it in stride, he is being strident.  Making fun of legitimate complaints about his business isn't really the kind of "customer service," I want.

davebarnes topcommenter

As a Yelper, I approve. Pete is very funny.


My wife worked for him. As an employer, he is a conceited asshole. Apparently a bad actor needs to be added to list.
As a customer, he always welcomed me to his store with a hello (not knowing me from my wife) and a friendly smile. Always offered advice

Quality is top notch. I have not found better/fresher seafood in town anywhere.


HI-LARIOUS!. Pete, your talents are being wasted. I see you as the next Brando. So great to see owners having a sense of humor of the ridiculousness of Yelp reviews.

Mantonat topcommenter

@polzHow is  he slamming customers? He's just reading what they wrote. Personally, I'd rather shop somewhere where the owners have a sense of humor and can take criticism in stride. I really don't think he needs to worry about alienating customers who have already told him to fuck off.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Vertigo700 Legitimate complaints? Telling someone to fuck off is not a legitimate complaint. Most rational adults who have legitimate complaints go to the manager or owner and voice their concerns so that they can get the problem resolved immediately.

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