Photos: Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink unveils its new winter menu

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All photos by Danielle Lirette.
The Prince Edward Island Mussels.
Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink has been a big hit since the giant eatertainment complex opened last fall, but the food has been a work in progress. "After almost three months of tweaking," writes owner Robert Thompson, "we've finally landed on a menu that both we and the public can live with. Volume takes its toll on a menu. In our case, we needed to balance our insistence to make as much product in-house as possible (pork and vegan sausages, pastrami, beef jerky, and more) against the general busy-ness of the kitchen. We think we found the balance."

Keep reading for a look at dishes on Punch Bowl's new winter menu.

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Tabasco Braised Short Ribs

Chicken and Waffles

Smoked Trout Hash

Continue reading for more food photos from Punch Bowl's new menu.

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Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink

65 Broadway, Denver, CO

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I agree with @epll... forget changing the food-- change the staff! I've never had a good experience there, including a work breakfast where we were the only people in the entire place.


N69 here. This place blows unless you like your drink served with a heavy dose of douche and arrogance.

Gary Givant
Gary Givant

wouldnt they be unveiling their spring menu,kinda late to be introducing winter lol


That's a *#%!! bad-ass looking chicken and waffle.  Breakfast bound today.


Does it come with a new winter staff?  Had a terrible brunch there two weekends ago that took almost an hour to get us drinks (including coffee and water) and ended with cold food that had clearly been sitting for a while.  A new menu won't get me back there, but better service and hot food might.

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