Round two with Jagdish Singh, exec chef of India's Castle: expansion into downtown Denver

Biggest moment of euphoria in the kitchen: There was a time when I felt like I could improve the chicken tikka masala, and after multiple experiments and multiple letdowns, I finally had that aha! moment when it finally tasted the way I wanted it to taste.

Greatest accomplishment as a chef: Being successful in this business and being liked by our guests. On Yelp, we're rated four out of five stars, which means that I'm pleasing a lot of people. We've been open for eight years, and the customers who helped us get there are still our regular customers today. We've seen many restaurants open and close around the area, so we feel blessed that we've been able to survive the recession, and we continue to look forward to an even more successful and brighter future.

What's one thing that people would be surprised to know about you? I love pro wrestling. I know it's fake, but I still find it to be so entertaining -- all the weird drama and funny schemes they come up with give me a real good laugh. I also love watching football and basketball, and I've enjoyed this football season so much with Peyton Manning at quarterback that I considered watching football over wrestling, but then the Broncos screwed up against the Ravens, so I'm going to stick with wrestling.

Last meal before you die: Chicken tikka masala with garlic naan, along with a veggie supreme pizza, somewhere on a beach with an umbrella over my head and an ice-cold Coke in my hand. Perfect.

What's in the pipeline? We'd really like to expand to a second location, and we really want to tap into the downtown market. I think that we have the talent and the experience to make this vision a reality. How soon that might be, we're not sure, but it's definitely on our minds to expand thanks to the overwhelming positive response we have received from our loyal customers.

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India's Castle

9555 E. Arapahoe Road, Englewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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The owner asks people to leave their tables while they're still eating to make room for more customers when there's a wait. He's truly incorrigible, and he needs to learn about customer service. Check the Yelp reviews, and you can read some amazing stories.

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