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Lori Midson
A waffle breakfast taco at Moontower Tacos.
Later this morning we'll post our Restaurant Roll Call for February, a compendium of all the openings and closings on the Denver dining scene last month. One of those openings? Moontower Tacos, which opened a week ago in the former Thai Mango space at Sixth and Grant. Owner Brent Thrash is from Austin, which is full of great taco spots; he attended the University of Colorado, where he lived in a place called Moontower. Mashing together those interests -- and adding a few twists -- he created Moontower Tacos.

And early reviews are good.

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Says barslinger:

I have been in twice since they opened and love the food. While it is early and details always need to be worked out, the food arrived in a reasonable time on the first visit and very fast on the second -- I will assume that is a sign of positive progress. There were more sauce options than I expected so will have to work my way through the list. Hoping they keep up the good work and will give breakfast a try tomorrow.

And how were those breakfast tacos, barslinger? Have you tried Moontower Tacos? What other restaurants that opened last month have you visited?

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Moontower Tacos

609 Grant St., Denver, CO

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I do not see how the early reviews can be at all positive. I went yesterday for lunch and it was the first time in a long time that I can remember being outright disgusted with the food I was served. The menu looked like it could be fun, creatively Americanized tacos at first. I got the Tingarizo and the Colonel. The Tingarizo taco consisted of a pile of bland, dry white chicken meat slathered in a strange red sauce that smelled like pine-sol and tasted vaguely of soap and nothing else. If the promised chorizo was in the taco I was not able to identify it.

And the Colonel, wow. Fried chicken with queso in a taco sounds decadently awesome, right? Not hardly. While the fried chicken piece was OK, the queso tasted like gas station nacho cheese mixed with mayonnaise and sour cream. And it was slathered on thick. The corn tortillas on both were mealy, soggy and fell apart on first bite. Maybe the flour tortillas would have been a better choice.

The food here needs a complete overhaul before I would ever consider going back. Also, huge point deduction for having a taco called the "Gangnam Style" on the menu.

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