A six-pack of Colorado beers you should buy right now -- before they are gone

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Foreign Style Stout
Upslope Brewing

Boulder's Upslope Brewing first made this beer in 2009 for its one-year anniversary and then feted it again in 2012 by making it the brewery's first canned seasonal release. The smooth 6.9 percent ABV beer returned again in January, helping Coloradans warm up with its roasty, toasty notes.

Cascara Quad
New Belgium

One of the first two Lips of Faith series beers that New Belgium released in 2013, Cascara Quad was made in conjunction with Denver's Novo Coffee using 700 pounds of cascara -- the dried husks of the fruit (called coffee cherries) that produce coffee beans. The is a lighter quad, but with rich notes of tobacco and leather.

AC Golden Brewing

As an incubator for MillerCoors beers, AC Golden Brewing is primarily known for its Colorado Native -- 100 percent made with Colorado ingredients -- but the brewers know how to push the envelope as well, having released a rich, barrel-aged imperial stout and a couple of sours. This is the third version of their Apricot (there are 100
cases this time) and it will cost you a pretty penny. But previous versions have shown that the sour ale, made with handpicked apricots from Palisade, is worth it.

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Renata Hill
Renata Hill

Thanks for the heads-up. Kyle, check this out.


This is better than the advertised "winter mix" a few months ago, which was just six stouts/porters/dark beers that are all available year-round.  At least there are some seasonals here.  The Lugene is excellent, by the way.

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