Seven signs that Denver is obsessed with bacon

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Christopher Morgan
A scene from this year's Bacon and Beer Festival.
Several years ago, Purina started broadcasting a line of commercials featuring a dog awakened by the scent of Beggin' Strips. Not knowing the odor didn't belong to real bacon, the dog frantically ran through the house, then finally found a strip and exclaimed, "It's BACON!" But while dogs may not know it's not bacon, Denver diners certainly know when they've got a dish that contains the genuine article.

Here are seven signs that this city is obsessed with bacon.

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Courtesy of the Berkshire

7) The Berkshire's bacon flight
The Berkshire Restaurant has been swine-obsessed for years, and its bacon flight remains one of its most popular items. Owner Andy Ganick was on a cross-country road trip when he thought of starting a restaurant dedicated to pig; stuck in traffic outside of New York City, he started scribbling down possible menu items on the back of gas station receipts. Perhaps his best idea? A bacon flight that mimicked a wine flight, with four flavors: balsamic rub and strawberry, curry and banana, garlic rub and cinnamon chipotle. The quarter-inch strips are served with chopped tomatoes, lettuce and goat cheese.

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Lori Midson
6) Old Major's new dessert
One of the latest bacon dishes to hit Denver is Old Major's Maple Bacon Creme Caramel. Created by pastry chef Nadine Donovan, the dessert is a take on a French custard. Poured into a ramekin, the bacon- and maple-syrup-infused confection is baked, then flipped over and topped with candied bacon for the ultimate sweet-and-salty combination. So far, it's Old Major's most ordered dessert.

Photo supplied by Dude Vodka.

5) Dude's Bacon Vodka
Bacon also inspired Lakewood's Dude Vodka, which was already offering unflavored and root beer vodka when it decided to add a bacon vodka. Dude adds bacon at the distilling point rather than infusing the flavor, creating a vodka that's golden in color, free of carcinogens and cholesterol, and full of bacon flavor. Not just great for drinking, the vodka is often used in marinades and sauces. Available at Argonaut and Dry Creek Liquors, Dude estimates it sells forty cases of bacon vodka each month.

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Kendall Finch
One of Denver's bacon donut options.
4) Bacon Doughnuts
Greenwood Village's Donut Maker has been churning out doughnuts for more than 25 years, and the wholesale baker cooks up not one, but two bacon doughnuts. The first is the Apple Bacon Maple, an apple-infused long john topped with maple icing and sprinkled with bacon to replicate maple pancakes with a side of bacon. The second is the Caramel Bacon Ring, a traditional doughnut with caramel icing and broken strips of bacon on top to ensure perfect crunchiness. Donut Maker delivers doughnuts to churches, hospitals and local businesses.

Continue reading for more Denver bacon options.

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No mention of @DenverBaconCo in the article, but that is our bacon pictured from the Bacon and Beer Festival and in the Old Major dessert.

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