Bubba Chinos downtown has closed for "remodeling"

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The Bubba Chinos that opened downtown last year is currently closed, reportedly for "remodeling." Leonard Cordova, a grandson of Stella Cordova, founder of the original Chubby's , started the homegrown Bubba Chinos chain; this location at 1361 Court Place was a franchise.

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"We're excited to cater to the downtown crowd. There aren't many lunch options over here," franchise owner Kenneth Gomez told us last year, before the location opened in June. Now it's closed, but a sign on the door promises the place will reopen within the next ten days.

Bubba Chinos has seen numerous openings and closings over the past two years, of both franchise stores and locations owned by Leonard Cordova. His original Bubba Chinos is still going strong at 160 Federal Boulevard.

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Bubba Chinos - CLOSED

1361 Court Pl, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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They cannot even afford a decent working marker for that makeshift sign?  THAT is not a good sign (figuratively and literally).


"Remodeling"? Is that what they're calling fumigation these days?


I'm convinced Bubba Chino's is a money laundering front. I never see anyone patronizing them and they seem to just spend money to open a new location then close or "remodel" it, rinse and repeat.

davebarnes topcommenter

Sad that they will reopen in 10 days.

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