Reader: Bubba Chinos is on a remodel, close, rinse and repeat cycle

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The Bubba Chinos that opened last summer in a space near City Hall that has been many, many restaurants over the years has closed, too -- for "renovations," according to a sign on the door that says the place will reopen in ten days.

But if it does, it doesn't sound like it will get a warm welcome from Cafe Society readers. "Sad that they will reopen in 10 days," says Dave Barnes.

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This location is a franchise in the chain started by Leonard Cordova, a grandson of the late Stella Cordova, who founded Chubby's. And with Leonard opening his own stores and doing franchise deals on others, it's tough to keep track of all the Bubba Chinos locations.

Says JW:

I'm convinced Bubba Chinos is a money-laundering front. I never see anyone patronizing them and they seem to just spend money to open a new location then close or "remodel" it, rinse and repeat.

Do you eat at a Bubba Chinos? Which one? Did you try the downtown location?

Location Info

Bubba Chinos - CLOSED

1361 Court Pl, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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davebarnes topcommenter

Do you eat at a Bubba Chinos? Which one?

Yes. 39th and Wads.

Once. Will never set foot inside a Bubba's again.

Dirty. Gross.


They didn't bother remodeling the 38th Ave location. 

They just set it on fire and walked away.

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