Reader: After her Buffalo Wings piece, Jenn Wohletz should be grounded

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buffalo wild wings website.jpg
The wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Denver diners love hot wings -- and hate anyone who criticizes their favorites. Yesterday Jenn Wohletz wrote about her trip to the Buffalo Wild Wings outpost at 8255 South Chester Street in Englewood, where she liked the Blazin' wings and not much else. The sports-bar atmosphere and conversation, in particular: "Hotter than the wings was the argument at the table next to me, about whose wife was a bigger bitch."

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Says JimRome:

I would rather read Dave Barnes 2 million yelp reviews than read anything Jenn Wohletz writes. She is the worst.

What do you think of Jenn in Chains? More to the point, since the Best of Denver is approaching, what do you think about this town's chicken wings? Who has the best in Denver?

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Buffalo Wild Wings

8255 S. Chester St., Englewood, CO

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I don't mind her reviews. She's a mixed bag, but I could say that about most writers. She'll get me to crack a smile or nod in agreement occasionally. More often than not, it's her responses in the comments that get the smile-- although I might be the only one who feels that way.


she really is horrible.  completely negative and just all around sucks.


I'm pretty neutral about Jenn's articles. I don't usually eat at chain restaurants, the exceptions being on the open road or airports where one might not have any real options and or crunched for time (GIGO and fast). Or, we all have family members that will not eat anything more exotic than Chili's, Olive Garden, et al. So, good to know what's out there that might be relatively edible.

That said, the kewl kid snark can be tiresome. As pointed out in the original post, getting pissy re: noise and obnoxious people in a sports bar?? Kinda like the Yelp reviews for the breastaurants complaining about breasts.


Her articles are like a bad joke that nobody is willing to drop. 

Like your annoying friend that still says "Wazzzzzzzup?"


I find reviews rather useless and I ignore them. I don't seek out reviews for restaurants that I can find in most neighborhoods. I want Cafe Society to inform me on the "hard to find" or the latest places - not the every day.

Please do away with the high school reporting.

jenna-furrr topcommenter

@NoBoBear Now if B2W had breasts to look at.....totes diff review, good sir!

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