Photos: Raise a glass to the first Colorado Craft Beer Week

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All photos by Brandon Marshall.
The Colorado Brewers Guild, which represents more than 100 of the state's 160-plus breweries, took over Colorado Beer Week this year, revitalizing it as Colorado Craft Beer Week. Brothers Scott and Jason Kerkmans started Colorado Beer Week as a for-profit production in 2011, but it needed more of a push. "Others states and cities have beer weeks, and we thought we would take this on and give it Colorado's flavor," Colorado Brewers Guild spokesman Steve Kurowski explained earlier this month. "My expectation this year is to introduce it to beer drinkers and then grow it next year. It can be as big as the breweries want to make it. Some are taking it to an amazing level."

But the first Colorado Craft Beer Week, which ended Sunday, was already pretty amazing. Keep reading for more photos.

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For more photos, visit our full slide show.

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