Damascus Grill offers a spread of Moroccan (plant-based) favorites, old and new

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There are a lot of good Mediterranean restaurants in town, places with great falafel, hummus or baba ghanouj. But for a good Mediterranean restaurant to rise to great, it should not only execute the staples well, but also offer dishes that go beyond the basics. And for vegetarian and vegan diners, Damascus Grill is definitely one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in the city.

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The Littleton location is the older of the two Damascus locations in the metro area (the other is in Englewood) and has been dishing up Moroccan favorites for two decades. The ceiling is draped with fabric, and there's a large mural painted on the wall that depicts a view of rolling hills through windows, so that while you sit in this comfortable dining room, you gaze at an exotic landscape. Even in off-hours, there will always be an occupied table or two as well as a trickle of people stopping in for takeout: This eatery is justifiably popular with neighborhood regulars and those who drive in from farther away for its delicacies.

Damascus Grill offers three vegetarian combination plates; the number two, pictured above, includes hummus, dolmades, falafel, fatouch salad, baba ghanouj and mujadara, a lentil-and-cracked-wheat mixture served warm, surrounding a mound of saffron rice. Not only was everything we tried on a recent visit perfectly prepared and beautifully arranged, but the portions were incredibly generous; our leftovers easily stretched to two meals.

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The first vegetarian combo platter menu swaps out fava beans for the mujadara, which were just as flavorful. The third platter features moussaka, falafel, zucchini salad, hummus, dolmades and a green salad -- and we're sure it's delicious, but the baba ghanouj is so tasty that we'll have to order it next time as an appetizer to get our fix.

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Speaking of appetizers, the grilled mushrooms at Damascus are out-of-this-world good. Succulent and juicy, meaty and filling, they're absolutely worth the stomach real estate they occupy.

Visit www.damascusgrill.com for more information.

Location Info

Damascus Grill

1399 W. Littleton Blvd., Littleton, CO

Category: Restaurant

Damascus Grill

7605 E. Arapahoe Road, Englewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Curious on the name versus your description of Moroccan food.  Thought the only Damascus was in Syria, hence I assumed this place was serving Syrian food.  Either way, i'm going there now.  Those pics are making me drool.


I am a big supporter of Damascus Grill--but wanted your readers to know that the second location may be listed as Englewood, but is actually on Arapahoe in the tech center area just east of Safeway and Quebec.


@cogumby Yes, there is a tiny area of unincorporated Arapahoe county that lies between Greenwood Village and Centennial that still has an "Englewood" postal designation.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


There are many businesses down there with Englewood addresses including the Safeway store you mentioned in your post.  Some other Englewood addresses include the businesses in Inverness and Meridian Business Parks and the American Furniture Warehouse just northeast of C-470 and Peoria.

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