First look: Beast + Bottle, Paul Reilly's new Uptown restaurant, opens Saturday night


One of the first things that Denverites will tell any newcomer who's landed in the Mile High City is just how firmly devoted you'll become to your neighborhood restaurant -- and if you live in Uptown, that restaurant may very well become Beast +Bottle, the new snout-to-stump spot from former Encore on Colfax chef-owner Paul Reilly and his sister Aileen, the two of whom will open Beast + Bottle on Saturday night.

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"It's really amazing," says Aileen. "I get goose bumps just talking about the space, the wine, Paul's food and our vision" -- a vision that was solidified when the siblings walked into the former Olivea space several months ago, took a look around and nodded in unison. This, they agreed, was it. And once they concluded that the quarters were exactly what they wanted in a restaurant, they began crystallizing the concept: an intimate and neighborly country farmhouse-meets-schoolhouse that personifies New England charm, bolstered by a dedication to utilize the entirety of butchered beasts -- fowl, pigs and lambs -- and seafood and fish that's been "responsibly harvested."

And to assist Paul in his cooking endeavors, he netted Wade Kirwan, the previous executive chef at Adrift, and James Rugile, who spent the last several years cooking at Bones and Mizuna. And the threesome, who share a small kitchen workspace, are having a blast judging from the shouts of glee and singing that boomed from the partially open kitchen earlier today during a friends and family lunch.

Their enthusiasm extends to the whimsy space, a bright, light and infinitely charming dining room and bar that flaunts mismatched wooden chairs, their seats plumped with various fabrics; an elegant community table that peers over the patio and onto the Seventeenth Avenue streetscape; deep chocolate-hued booths; white subway tile that surrounds the bar; a restored hardware chest, whose see-through drawers are filled with everything from paintbrushes to ticket stubs; a large antique mirror penned with the restaurant's sourcing partners -- and is bordered above by maps from Rand McNally -- and flourishes like yard sticks that wrap around the top of the vertical columns and black-and-white photographs that showcase everything from portraits of Paul and Aileens' parents to the family dog, who's now chasing squirrels in canine heaven. There's a lot to look at...sort of like wandering through a museum that once belonged to a person with a historied past.

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Beast + Bottle

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Can't wait to try it.  I notice that the fig and pig has been upgraded with guanciale from its Encore days.  I know Encore ran that lamb & ricotta papardelle as a special too.  I've had it and it was great.  Seems like maybe they did a similar scallop dish too.  All the new stuff sounds fantastic.  In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, "I want it all, and I want it now."


Love Wade! James is a true talent! Can't wait to give it a try!

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Excited to try it - always liked Paul's cooking at Encore.

Lori FYI - The location information at the end is showing 1201 Cherokee 


That wine lighting is amazing and the food looks fantastic. Here's to Beast + Bottle occupying that space for many years to come.


Wow. Those dishes look amazing. It might be time to make reservations.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

@lucymcfad Yep - there is some serious talent in that kitchen.  James absolutely put Venue on the map.

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