Reader: An Americanized Korean chain is better than no Korean chain at all

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Mark Manger
Bop & Gogi has classic Korean sides -- including kimchee.
Bop & Gogi, a fast-casual Korean joint, opened last fall in Centennial. Gretchen Kurtz reviews Bop & Gogi this week and likes many things there, including spicy radish kimchi, with chunks of daikon radish and a touch of ground pear -- but not much stink.

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Says monopod:

Kimchi "fermented long enough to make it sour, but not so long that it stunk" hasn't been fermented long enough! Spicy and stinky, that's how I like it (and underfermented kimchi would explain why the chigae wasn't very deep flavored; chigae is a classic way to use up very old kimchi that's stinking up the fridge, and that's where a lot of its flavor comes from).

Sounds like this place is pretty Americanized, which I suppose isn't surprising given its aspirations to be a chain. Still, an Americanized Korean chain would be better than none at all. I wish them luck.

Bop & Gogi may be Colorado's only fast-casual Korean spot, but there are several sit-down Korean restaurants in the metro area. Which is your favorite?

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Bop & Gogi

10639 E. Briarwood Ave., Centennial, CO

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