Reader: Best of Denver Readers' Poll winners are ridiculous

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wild wings outside.jpg
The readers' choice for Best Wings.
We just published our thirtieth Best of Edition, with more than a hundred editorial picks in the Food & Drink section, many of them accompanied by Readers' choices. And the readers have once again shown good taste and not given the Best French Fries award to McDonald's, a frequent readers' winner. (Our choice for Best French Fries was Jonesy's; the readers went for Smashburger.)

But as always, there are quibbles with the Readers' Poll results.

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CK1842, for example, has this to say about the Readers' choice winners:

this list is horrendous. Buffalo Wild Wings best wings in Denver? A Best of Denver list with establishments that are in Boulder? Smashburger best fries? This list is asinine and ridiculous.
What did you think of the readers' picks? Of Cafe Society's? What category would you like to see added next year?

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Chains get a lot of votes in reader polls because more people visit chains than indie restaurants. Not rocket science. Perhaps in the future, Westword needs to exclude national chains from consideration.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


AKA -- never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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