No free munch: Blue Bonnet, the readers' choice, does charge for chips and salsa

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Inside the Blue Bonnet: the chips are down!
The Food & Drink section of the Best of Denver 2013 contained more than a hundred categories (with a dozen more food-related awards in Shopping & Services); many of those also featured Readers' choice picks. And although readers showed good taste in choosing Smashburger over McDonald's for Best French Fries (the editorial winner was Jonesy's EatBar), they didn't exhibit the same smarts when it came time to choose the Best Free Chips and Salsa, an award that we gave to Zocalo, which now has two outposts -- both delivering free, fresh chips and an incredibly flavorful salsa to anyone who sits down.

The readers' choice? Blue Bonnet, a 45-year-old institution on South Broadway. There's just one problem: Blue Bonnet charges for its chips and salsa. Just a buck, true, but it does charge.

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And it has since the beginning -- July 1968, when Gary Mobell's family took over the place that had a distinctly non-Mexican name, and turned it into a Mexican joint. "We still have all the basics that our restaurant was built on," Mobell notes.

But there have been some changes. The Blue Bonnet is now in its second location, and has been expanding on that, including adding to the great outdoor patio. They've also added to the menu, with gluten-free fare, lighter dishes and innovative tacos. And then there's the drink roster, which now includes some "really fun kinds of margaritas," Mobell says, none of which rely on "purees out of a bottle." A couple of the cucumber and fire-roasted-jalapeno versions, or maybe the strawberry basil margs, and it would be easy to overlook that charge for chips on the final tab.

Blue Bonnet has won plenty of deserved readers' awards during the three decades we've been publishing the Best of Denver. Just don't go there expecting to get your chips and salsa for free.

Pass the buck.

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Blue Bonnet Mexican Café

457 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

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My first unfortunate BB experience was well over 20 years ago. They charged back then also, so it is not a new thing. Even if the food and drinks were good (they are not), I don't patronize places that charge for chips and salsa.  The same goes for other restaurants that charge for extra bread.

I really wonder why this place gets best Mexican over and over.  Have these people never been into NW (or just west) Denver? 

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Yikes - if you like the food a Casa Bonita, you'll love the Blue Bonnet - worst of the worst IMO.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I've been stopping in the Blue Bonnet off and on for years, always had chips and salsa, and never noticed the dollar charge on the check.  I'm glad Patty pointed this out, but I'll continue to order the chips and salsa anyway.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

@Denver Dave 

Actually, I only stop there when I go to the Albertson's on Broadway & Alameda, which is only a few times a year.  I've never been to Casa Bonita. As a matter of fact, I don't recall ever seeing the place. The last time I was at the Bonnet was for a neighbor's retirement party.  I don't consider the food at the Bonnet as Mexican, the same as I don't consider Taco Bell food as Mexican, though some folks do, yet I still like visiting Taco Bell.  The real and best Mexican food joints in the continental US are in the San Diego area.

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