Reader: Shroom service! Love the Highland Tap burger

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htb bacon cheeseburger.jpg
Bacon cheeseburger at Highland Tap & Burger.

Readers are still digesting our hefty Best of Denver issue, which included more than a hundred editorial picks in the Food & Drink section alone. One of the most hotly contested categories is Best Burger; this year, our choice was Highland Tap & Burger.

And at least one reader heartily agreed...

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Says denverwind3:

THANK YOU for recognizing this restaurant. I work a few blocks away at another restaurant (hamburgers are not on our menu) and my co-workers and I LOVE this place. Sometimes a customer "asks what are you eating?" I offer one bite and hear "give me half". NO WAY!!! ........Shroom Luva's MY FAV!!!!

Have you eaten a burger at Highland Tap & Burger? What did you think? For a very different opinion, see a second comment posted on our Best Burger award page.

Location Info

Highland Tap and Burger

2219 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Again, is WW somehow on the payroll or under threat of blackmail?  This place is terrible!  From food to service, it is uniformly awful.  And yet another positive posting from WW.


Loved the Highland Tap when it first opened and it was very good. Really enjoyed the service and atmosphere and excellent food. They were trying to do elevated bar food and doing it well. Now, they have lost that excellence and the place lacks cleanliness.  Dirty silverware and crusty spotted glasses are not appetizing .  Too bad,  wanna love it again. 

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