Common Grounds will pour its last cup at original West 32nd Avenue spot tonight

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All photos by Danielle Lirette

Back when Mary and Lisa Rogers opened Common Grounds in 1992, the coffeehouse at 3484 West 32nd Avenue was an alternative to the Denver bar scene, with a live-music stage -- and coffee for 75 cents a cup. And Highland was far from the hot spot it is today.

Today the area is so hot, in fact, that the landlord raised the rent 40 percent, which prompted the Rogers family to decide it's time to move on. And at 11 p.m. today, they'll pour the last cup of coffee at the original Common Grounds, then close the doors there for good.

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But Common Grounds isn't drying up altogether; it's moving to the building at 2139 West 44th Avenue where the family has been roasting coffee for the past six years. The new Common Grounds should be open in the next month or so; in the meantime, you can always stop by the LoDo Common Grounds, which opened in 1999 and is now in its second location at 1550 17th Street.

As for the original home of Common Grounds, it's slated to become an Ink! coffee outpost this summer.



Keep reading for more photos of Common Grounds's last day.

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Common Grounds - CLOSED

3484 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

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The place was always full of students nursing a drip coffee for 4 hours while they sat on their laptops. I rarely went there because every time I did, there was never a place to sit down. Maybe all the freeloaders can camp at the Panera going in on 38th.


It's getting replaced by Ink, which means at least the coffee will be good now.


No kidding (although I wasn't sad to see Heidi's go). Major bummer that places like Urbanistic and Common Grounds are going, but somehow BOA and Highland Asian grill are still with us.


The neighborhood is changing so much and I fear most of it will be for the worse. 

The list of places that are closing due to high rents:


Common Grounds.

Urbanistic Tea and Bike Shop


Indulgences Day Sp.

Pretty soon we will be left with a Jimmy John's, a Tequila Bar and medical marijuana dispensary.

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