After a year and a half on Broadway, Crimson Canary closes in Baker

Mark Manger

Crimson Canary, the "Boss Italian" restaurant in Baker that Interstate Kitchen & Bar owners Andre and Aaron Lobato (they're also brothers) and Joey Newman opened in the fall of 2011, ceased singing on Saturday night after a final dinner service.

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The 1970s-era restaurant, its cherry-red chandeliers illuminating photos of recognizable mobsters, generated lots of amore from Laura Shunk, Westword's former restaurant critic -- and it was far more than a red-sauce joint, turning out excellent salumi and osso bucco, risotto and deep-fried calamari, the latter of which won a Best of Denver award in 2012.

"This is not your usual red-sauce kind of place. It's kind of like what we do at Interstate applied to this type of food," co-owner Joey Newman told Shunk when he and the Lobatos opened Crimson Canary after the success of Interstate, which is still going strong in the Santa Fe Arts District.

But Crimson Canary, located on a swatch of pavement that has a lot of competing restaurants and bars, never seemed to house a crowd, and Saturday morning, prior to shuttering, the doomsday announcement came via Facebook: "We gave it our best, but I'm sad to report that Crimson Canary will be closing its doors for the final time tonight. Come down for a drink and join us in saying goodbye to this awesome little spot."

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Crimson Canary - CLOSED

141 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

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Always enjoyed my dinners there - may have been lucky by avoiding table service and just sitting at the bar.

Their Osso Bucco was fantastic.



service was slow even when most tables were empty... it was like pulling teeth to get your order in. went twice six months apart and it was the same sorry story. service needs to at least pretend they are happy to pour your drinks and take your order. too bad - the food was tasty.


I must have driven by this place over a hundred times since moving to Baker and I didn't even know it was a restaurant until recently. It's not too bad of a location either. They must have been doing something wrong.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I heard that the Crimson Canary would even serve wine in non-wine glasses in order to serve less wine but still charge the regular by-the-glass price.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Can't say I'm surprised.  One of the worst dining experiences I've ever had in Denver.


It's too bad, since their other restaurant is so good.  The owners might have been the same, but the attitude of management between here and Interstate couldn't have been more different.  The food was pretty decent and the bar staff was great, but the table service was pretty terrible.

I noticed that Fat Sully's kitchen seems to poke into the'd be cool if they could take it over and add a sit down option here like they have over on Colfax. 


I liked this place -- but the service was always marginal. Several other friends in the 'hood has similar experiences: waiting 20 minutes in a nearly empty restaurant is no way to win repeat business.

This space has now swallowed two restaurants (Mona's previously). I wonder if this address is just one of those black holes that seem to inhabit every neighborhood.

davebarnes topcommenter

I wrote this: "I detect a faint odor of impending death here." on 16DEC2012.


@davebarnes Nothing says class like an "I told you so" comment on an internet message board about a restaurant that had to shut its doors. I bet you are a real pleasure to be around at a funeral - with date references. 

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