Five Star Burgers earns its five stars with Hatch green chile -- and deep-fried banana bread!

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J. Wohletz
Never had deep-fried banana bread? You should.
Five Star gets credit for not skimping on the good stuff, and the yellowfin tuna burger was a huge, thick filet, barely seared and glazed with sweet soy sauce, decorated with spears of jicama and half an avocado, neatly fanned out, and all drizzled with wasabi cream sauce. It tasted like horseradish and delicious sea-meat.

I was also happy to see the lamb burger on the menu -- not enough restaurants do enough things with lamb -- and the result was beyond satisfying. The well-peppered lamb patty had been cooked a perfect medium, and came with fresh tomato and cucumber slices, as well as Five Star's clever tzatziki sauce -- more sour cream than yogurt, with cucumber shreds and a lemony tang.

Each set of loaded fries was loaded with something superb: the bleu cheese bacon ones had liberal gobs of house-made, turbo-chunky bleu cheese dressing and full-on crispy pieces -- not bits -- of bacon, the Parmesan truffle fries were well-saturated with pungent truffle oil and melty Parmesan shavings, and the green chile ones came with Five Star's vegetarian green chile sauce that's rich, medium-thick, medium-hot and a deep caramel color with bits of tomato and more fine, fruity diced chiles.

I was stuffed -- but then I noticed the new "Banana Delight," and had to order it. Super-server smiled when I did, and it took only a taste to figure out why. The dessert was a slice of banana bread, deep-fried, with bruleed bananas, caramel sauce, walnuts and whipped cream -- with another Bordeaux cherry on top. I've eaten a score of deep-fried things from decades of state-fair attendance, but I'd never tried fried banana bread. It was positively sinful with a dark, crisp, sweet outside, and a warm, spongy inside. The bananas were cut lengthwise; each piece had a delicate, golden crust of caramelized sugar.

If you are a fan of banana bread or bananas, or are just a breathing, carbon-based life form, you really need to try this dessert before you die -- it's that good.

I felt like I more than got my money's worth at Five Star Burgers, a feeling I don't get nearly often enough. And it sounds like this spot will soon be an even better deal: Super-server told me there are plans in the works to have live music on the patio this summer. Five Star could turn into an excellent, casual warm-weather party spot, because nothing says party like beer, burgers, green chile -- and deep-fried banana bread.

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Without a doubt, Five Star Burger makes the best burger in Denver. Go to the 6th and Broadway location and tell them you want what Jared always gets. The only reason they didn't win the Burger battle last year is because they opened up just after the submissions were due. Don't get me wrong, I love all of Denver's burger spots and you wont hear me bashing any of them. I live for cheeseburgers and I've had the majority of them out there. However, not once have I walked into Five Star and had my burger taste like anything else other than it did the first day I walked in. They are consistent and amazing. Every damn time.


"awesome plug earrings"

I'll add that to my list of oxymorons. :P

I ate here today and it was good! WTF Jennstir??


This is really interesting. I drive by this place all the time and always thought it was just some lame, corporate vendor of frozen beef patties or somthing. Let's be honest, the decor doesn't suggest otherwise. Good burgers and milkshakes are one of my favorite things in the world. I can't wait to try this place.

Robert Smith
Robert Smith

Went to the one in Taos, NM great burger!

jenna-furrr topcommenter

And BTW--I ate leftover lamb burger the next day, and it was even delicious reheated. Lamb+burger=awesome.

jenna-furrr topcommenter

@k_laneaux I figured that was the case as well, but I was really glad to be wrong, and pleasantly surprised. DEEP FRIED BANANA BREAD!

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