First look: Uber Sausage unleashes its second outpost in LoHi

All photos by Lori Midson.

The city's second Über Sausage, owned by Marco Macchiaroli, Alex Gschwend, Brad Arguello and Henry DeMetteis, opened today in LoHi with a similar menu of sausage sandwiches augmented by a case slinging fresh sausages and several new dishes, including salads, a burger, a southern fried chicken sandwich and sweet and savory wrap- and waffle-centric breakfasts, the latter of which should be a big hit in the 'hood.

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The original fan-favorite frankfurter joint got its start two years ago in a tiny space on East Colfax, but the new, two-level space, complete with red walls stacked with logs, high ceilings illuminated by a stunning white-beaded chandelier and a front patio strewn with blonde picnic benches, is much larger -- and it'll serve beer in steins, along with beers and IMT wines in the can, just as soon as it gets its liquor license, which should be within the next month.

In the meantime, there's plenty to chew on, including those sausages, the recipes of which were created by Old Major chef Justin Brunson, who consulted with the Über Sausage team for a few months. But while Brunson is no longer involved with Über Sausage, the crew did consult with Dylan Moore, chef-owner of Deluxe and Juanitas, on several of the sandwiches, breakfast dishes and salads. "Dylan is amazing and you can really tell, especially with the light, bright and refreshing salads, that he had a hand in the menu development," says Macchiaroli.

I stopped by earlier today, just a few hours after it opened, to check out the new menu and space. Herewith, the photos.






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Uber Sausage

1535 Central St., Denver, CO

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joey murdah
joey murdah

So happy this is here. So sad our office is moving in a few months.

I took a bunch of coworkers today for their first time and they already want to go back.

John S. Schafluetzel
John S. Schafluetzel

That is great news! Hopefully they will move the one after this further south! Love those guys!

ScubaSteve topcommenter

@Courtney Anne 

Do you mean the first place is NOT legitimate?

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