Photos: Fourth annual Govnr's Park Beer Fest raises a glass to St. Jude

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All photos by Lori Midson.
For the fourth year in a row, the Govnr's Park Beer Fest matched local beer aficionados with more than 100 craft beers over the weekend. With brews from across the state and country, the event raised funds for both the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Big Nose Beer Fund, and Cafe Society editor Lori Midson was on hand to judge the competition (Strange Brewing took first place) and capture the sudsy scene. Continue reading for a few highlights from the weekend, and visit our full slide show for more photos.

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For more photos, visit our full slide show.

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Govnr's Park Restaurant & Tavern

672 Logan St., Denver, CO

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I wish that I could have made this event and got one of those awesome Gov Park beer glasses. Right whenever I leave Denver, Denver has things to do right in my own back yard. Maybe next time.


I just returned from a trip to Texas, where they drink Lone Star because, i) that's all they have to drink or, ii) they don't know any better. So it thoroughly escapes me how the young woman in the 1st pic appears to be drinking LS when there's so many other superior beers to be consumed in Colorado. It's real swill.


Oh, this is terrible! What ever will we tell the children? All these people bragging and throwing their alcoholism in our faces, then breaking the law with their blatant disregard for others and driving away from the event! I know that most of them cannot help themselves because EVERYONE knows that mothers milk is the gateway to alcoholism.

What we need is an amendment that, at the very least, will regulate alcohol like marijuana and protect our families from the vile wickedness of the evil demon rum!

Won't ANYONE think of the children!!

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