Watch Guy Fieri eat a pastrami sandwich at Highland Tavern tonight

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Highland Tavern, 3400 Navajo Street, will host a party to watch tonight's installment of Diners, Drive-in and Dives -- because the LoHi restaurant appears on the popular Food Network show.

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The episode starts at 8 p.m.; the Highland Tavern's dishes set to be featured on the segment are the pastrami sandwich, housemade tater tots and pork rinds.

Call 303-433-1990 for more details.

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Highland Tavern

3400 Navajo St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Bitch about Guy Fieri showing up at your local restaurant?

How about you shove it, and thank him for drawing attention to your local business, putting them on the map for those who may never have known about them, and driving up their sales so they can improve uponwhat they do?


That picture makes it look more like Guy was eating at the Denver Swim Club on east Colfax.

WillieStortz topcommenter

Guy may be a huge D-Bag but I'll give Highland Tavern a pass for his visit because they may be the last true neighborhood bar left in the area. 

If 100 Guy Fieris were at Highland Tavern it still wouldn't have 1/10 as many douchbags as you find at new places like Old Major.


Watch Guy Fieri eat pastrami?  I thought the United States no longer condoned torture.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I'll pretend that this article doesn't exist.  That it never happened.


@WillieStortz Can you clarify that?  I like both places quite a bit.  They're both locally owned an operated by good people.  Are you actually implying that Highland Tavern is a "true neighborhood bar" whereas Old Major is some sort of douchebag emporium simply because the former has been open longer?

WillieStortz topcommenter

@TheJeff @WillieStortz  It's not because the former has been open longer it's just a fact that Old Major is a douchebag emporium, filled with douchebags drinking $15 dollar drinks in douchebag glasses that require one to hold their pinkie in the air.


@WillieStortz @TheJeff Now I see.  You do not like the glassware and you feel that the drinks are overpriced.  That makes for a much more constructive review.  For the record, I've been twice, and had rye-based cocktails and wine with my dinner both times.  The drinks were served in simple glasses and my pinkies have always remained at ease.

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