"Killer Cuisine & Cocktails" coming to 1500 block of Blake Street

The 1500 block of Blake Street has seen lots of restaurants come and go -- and now there are new signs of life in the space at 1530 Blake Street that was most recently home to TD's Dogs. The next tenant? Jimmy's Urban Bar and Grill.

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But that name doesn't appear on the building. Instead, the new sign in the window says only: "Coming Soon. A New Restaurant Concept with Killer Cuisine & Cocktails."

What might that new concept be? This side of the block already has Mexican (D'Corazon), New American with craft beer (Freshcraft), old American with regular beer (Blake Street Vault) and sushi (Aoba).

Location Info

TD's Dogs - CLOSED

1530 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Mantonat topcommenter

Forgive me for getting a little Andy Rooney here, but does anyone else find the phrase "restaurant concept" as annoying as I do? The sign in the window reads "a new restaurant concept." What's wrong with just saying "a new restaurant"? Or maybe you just go in and they tell you about their idea for a restaurant, but there's no food or drinks? Because, I have a ton of restaurant concepts floating around in my head. If someone wants to pay me to tell you about them, you know how to contact me.


Jimmy's Urban Bar & Grill is taking over this spot . Look for Chef Jim Bernat ( of Urban Chefs Grill & Catering and Chicago Jim's ) and Nate Gravina (former Executive Chef of The Lobby) to bring "Killer Cuisine & Cocktails" to the 1500 Street of Blake or also known as "The Block"


@Mantonat Andy Rooney is rolling over in his grave...We may be interested however you lose credibility by not employing proper grammar.  Until you learn to tuck that question mark within the quotation marks, I'm guessing no one cares. 

Mantonat topcommenter

@LuvMyZ06 @Mantonat From grammarbook.com: "The placement of question marks with quotes follows logic. If a question is in quotation marks, the question mark should be placed inside the quotation marks." Maybe they do it different in the UK. My first year of education was delivered by the British school system when I lived in London at the age of 7, so I frequently get confused. I also like to cross my zeds.

Now that we have that sorted, do you have an opinion on the use of the word "concept" in the restaurant business? Or an opinion about the potential of this new restaurant?

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