Reader: For $20, Mizuna's mac and cheese should be better than sex

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Lori Midson
Yesterday Lori Midson celebrated the lobster macaroni and cheese at Mizuna as one of our 100 Favorite Dishes. This is not standard, comfort-food mac and cheese; it uses poached sweet lobster meat in place of Oscar Meyer ham and silky mascarpone instead Velveeta. And it doesn't have your standard, comfort-food price tag.

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Says Denver Dave:

Well, at $20 for that three bite appetizer portion it should be better than the best sex you ever had. What do you suppose the food cost is for an ounce of lobster and some elbow macaroni? Total silliness.

Have you had the lobster mac and cheese at Mizuna? What did you think? And what's your favorite dish of mac and cheese in Denver?

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225 E. 7th Ave., Denver, CO

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I wouldn't touch a $20 hooker with Guy Fieri's dick.


Interesting comparison.  I don't know the going rates, but I'd have to guess that I'd rather have $20 worth of lobster mac and cheese than $20 worth of sex. 


@Mantonat If you look at that menu closely, you will notice that there is a $6 supplement for the mac & cheese, so it is indeed $20 now.  It was $17 for years.  I think that it's absolutely worth every penny.  

Fortunately, I'm sure there are plenty of options in town for those who prefer big piles of bad food at low prices.  Those places are probably near the places you find the $20 hookers.

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