Reader: Airing dirty laundry, even Old Major's dirty laundry, is unbecoming

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LoHi is a hot restaurant neighborhood, and things got really hot yesterday, when Jonathan Greschler, who'd been the general manager of Old Major since long before that restaurant opened at the end of February, learned that he was out. In her post reporting the news, Lori Midson quoted both Greschler and part-owner Juan Padro on the move, and many readers have chimed in with their thoughts on Greschler, Old Major and the post itself.

Was it news?

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Says bourgogneparnuit:

Airing your dirty laundry in public is unbecoming of any "professional" in any industry. This overly dramatic post about an average restaurant manager getting fired is the "news?" Give me a break! It is trashy juvenile drama that no one should have to be subjected to but very typical of this blog.
Given the amount of attention that's been paid to Old Major -- a decidedly unaverage restaurant -- since long before it opened, we'd say a major personnel shift is news. But what do the rest of you think? Read Lori Midson's original post, and then post your thoughts below -- or just join the Old Major conversation already under way here.

(And for a very classy response on another recent LoHi discussion involving not personnel but d-bag clientele, see the comment from Sean Kenyon of Williams & Graham posted here.)

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If we can't laugh at all the drama of the NeckBeard Brigade then what can we laugh at. 

Remember these were the same folks that stormed out of their restaurant 2 weeks after it opened.

Tad Drake
Tad Drake

I actually dislike a lot of your commenting on who's hired and who's fired at any business. In addition what is your obsession with certain restaurants that tend to be on the upper scale why Dont you at Cafe Society truly expand your views and quit thinking everyone participates in the more expensive dining places. You do a pretty good job on telling us about new places but continue your obsession with so called trendy places most people can't afford and majority of people in the metro area won't go to. I'm not looking for chains. Just expand your info please

Matt J Reed
Matt J Reed

Unless you can her BOTH sides of the story what do we achieve by airing someone losing their job? Especially in the soap opera restaurant industry.


I think moar dirt needs to be posted about WESTWORD! Like, has Jenn Wolowitz been fired?? It doesn't look like she's written anything for a while. But she's probably also a really slooow writer...

Kim Watt
Kim Watt

Still on this? Must not be much else happening around town?


Sounds like this comment was calling the restaurant manager average, not the restaurant.

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