Photos: Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria opening in Park Meadows Saturday

All photos by Kate Gibbons.
Bonanno Concepts will open its tenth restaurant this weekend -- and the first one outside of Denver: Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria in the Vistas at Park Meadows. With this new spot, chef/owner Frank Bonanno is paying homage to his New Jersey upbringing of slinging pies and folding pizza boxes, as well as to his family's construction company -- called Bonanno Brothers -- and his own two sons, Marco and Luca.

Two of the Bonanno Concept restaurants are already named for those sons: Luca d'Italia and Osteria Marco. (The other seven: Mizuna, Bones, Green Russell, Wednesday's Pie, Russell's Smokehouse, Lou's Food Bar and Vesper Lounge.)

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Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria has transformed the former home of the Counter. That counter where you used to order is gone, and garage doors open the room to passing traffic and a great view. The dining space is centered around an eighteen-person, bar-height communal table; there's a wood-burning pizza oven in the center of what's pretty much an open kitchen, as well as the kind of burrata bar that's such a draw at Osteria Marco. And that's not the only echo of Osteria Marco at Bonanno Brothers, which also draws from Luca D'Italia.

"The menu at Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria started as something simple - unifying standout items from Osteria Marco with some our cherished appetizers from Luca D'Italia," Bonanno explains. "The entire menu represents the food I always look forward to sharing with my family. I started brainstorming about the items we've come to crave throughout the years, and suddenly felt very inspired. Our cheese-and-salumi plate is so darn good at Osteria Marco, and it's become a very popular go-to for large groups. Combined with the fact that Luca D'Italia is the only restaurant in Denver certified for salumi production, and that our burrata has gained a massive following, I thought, why not introduce more sharable options? Our housemade burrata, our creamy ricotta, our labor-intensive salumi - it's all there, and with it, I've introduced selections of crudo and fritto."



Keep reading for more pictures of Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria.

Location Info

Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria - CLOSED

8401 Park Meadows Center Drive, Lone Tree, CO

Category: Restaurant

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New to Denver from NJ/NYC. Is there any pizza that will surprise me?

Drew Schaefer
Drew Schaefer

Bonnie Brae Tavern... third gen pizza magnifico


I was looking forward to checking out their pizza, but the "communal table" is really offputting. I'm glad that last picture shows some individual tables - I don't see where there's room for pizza on that communal table. (I'm so over communal tables. If I want to eat with strangers, I'll sit in the mall food court.)

Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

Solid tap list, will most definitely check out if I find myself down South.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


Yes.  Try Paxti's (pronounced "PAH-cheez") in the little shopping center on the corner of South University Blvd and East Hampden Ave or Virgilio's in Littleton.

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