Photos: Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar upgrades both the menu and bar

All photos by Danielle Lirette
After merging last summer at 250 Josephine Street, Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar just unveiled a new spring menu, which features locally sourced ingredients, including meats from Two Mile Ranch and Tender Belly. The restaurant also revealed the results of a recent remodel, which removed a private dining space to make room for a larger bar area.

Westword's Danielle Lirette stopped by to see the space and new dishes and brought back these mouth-watering photos.

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Slow poached egg in kimchi broth

Spring asparagus salad

Artichoke bisque

Opus halibut.jpg

Caesar salad

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Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar

250 Josephine St., Denver, CO

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How much do they charge for that order of 3 bites of filet mignon? $18.00


They are even stingy with the lettuce in that caesar salad!


Why is it that these fancyschmansy upity trendy restaurants charge you up yingyang for these itsy-bitsy-miniscule portions! They then try to disguise this short coming by filling the rest of the plate with swirly designs of sauce! That picture of the filet mignon, is that a picture of the somone's left-overs or do you actually only get 3 measley pieces of the actual steak? The more expensive the restaurant the smaller the portions. Same with tuna orders, they give a puny sliver. You could go to Costco and buy 2 entire full complete tuna steaks for 1/2 the price. They also think by stacking these tiny bits on top of each other somehow makes it look cool! Is this what they are teaching in culinary schools these days.


@bugsycook why dont you try it before you dis it..... Chefs food is incredible and the filet is paired with cabernet glazed beef cheeks that are the bomb......

@bugsycook Read the article.  This restaurant is using local products.  This type of cooking highlights ingredients instead of covering it up.

Go eat at Costco and stop complaining. 


@bugsycook  So, go to Costco. No one is making you go out to eat.  You can always buy ingredients cheaper at the grocery and prepare it yourself.  Quality versus quantity.  Believe it or not, the food at the restaurant actually sometimes tastes better than your own cooking.  Maybe because the chefs are professionals who have studied cuisine and prepared food for years, working very long hours in restaurant kitchens developing their skills.  Maybe their portions are actually the correct serving sizes?   Maybe you won't get obese eating there.  

bondadprevalece lol, I love Colorado "foodies" who think their ability and willingness to pay high prices regardless of the quality or satisfaction makes them classy.


Anyone can go get the same exact incredients as the restaurants and with years of cooking experience at home can produce something just as good if not better, minus the empty plate with the sauce swirl designs and 3 digit bill.  I have my own 50' by 50' garden plot and grow my own organic quality produce, so much so, I donate most of it to Project Angel Heart 

The price should reflect the portion. $5 says this place is history in less than a year ~ just like all the others like it

@bondadprevalece I'm a fuckin' cook.  I eat at nice places because I appreciate food.  Cooking is a craft.  
I AM willing to pay high prices AND I don't make shit $$$.  I never said I was classier than you... I eat everywhere and I appreciate ALL food.  

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