Restaurants, like baseball teams, need time to work out the kinks

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Mark Manger
Thanksgiving sandwich at Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink.
People often ask why Westword's policy is to wait three months after a restaurant opens before going in for a review, rather than jumping in while the paint's still fresh. I'm sympathetic to the argument that if a restaurant is charging full price for food, it's fair game. But if fairness is the issue, is it really fair to pass judgment in the hectic opening days? Restaurants, like baseball franchises, need time to work out the kinks and gel as a team; there's a reason why spring training doesn't count along the path to the World Series.

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Even veteran restaurateurs can't foresee what will happen after they throw the first pitch.For proof, look no further than Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink, subject of this week's review.

Straight out of the gate, PBS beat owner Robert Thompson's projections by 100 percent. As a result, he says, "We were too busy to handle the size of our menu." More staff had to be hired; the menu had to be refocused. Labor-intensive dishes like spaghetti and meatballs were replaced with easier-to-execute fare, such as braised short ribs.

Thompson isn't alone in making changes several months in. Menus at Ace and Tom's Urban 24 were also tweaked several months after opening to address what was and wasn't working.

A good review should give you a realistic picture of what to expect in terms of food, service and ambience, so you can decide if it's a place you want to go. With so much under scrutiny and subject to change in the opening months, a review written too early simply wouldn't be fair -- not to chefs, not to readers.

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Mantonat topcommenter

I'm fine with restaurant critics giving a restaurant 3 months to settle in, but if I'm going there myself I still expect good food and service. I almost never go to a new restaurant before the first month unless its being opened by a team I know and trust. 

The problems I'm willing to put up with during the first month usually have to do with the staff's coordination or the reservations. I get it when a new restaurant doesn't quite know what the volume or flow of customers will be like. Waiting a few minutes past a reservation time doesn't bother me. And if service seems a little awkward or if the waitstaff seem to be bumping into each other, I really don't mind, as long as everyone's still having fund and showing enthusiasm. It gets a little grim when you can sense tension or lack of teamwork.

And since I'm still paying full price for the food, good execution is not too much to ask. If a restaurant is willing to experiment on me for full price, I'm probably a little more likely to send something back if it's not done right.

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