Strings will close on April 30

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Our first clue that something was up at Strings came when we heard that many long-time employees had left the restaurant that the late Noel Cunningham had founded in 1986.

Our second clue was when the annual Mother's Day brunch hosted by Strings, a benefit for Volunteers of America, started looking for a new location (it's been picked up by Sage Hospitality).

And the third clue? Today's story on that Strings will close on April 30.

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Tammy and Noel Cunningham.
That's a sad, but not surprising, piece of news; his widow, Tammy Cunningham, had been running the place after Noel Cunningham's suicide in early December 2011 -- but she had her own therapy practice, too. "I made the decision a couple of days ago," Tammy told the Post about the decision to close Strings. "It's something I knew I was going to do at some point, but I decided I wanted to do it sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to getting on with my life."

Many of us marked important moments in our lives at Strings: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries. They were particularly bittersweet after Noel Cunningham was no longer there to join the celebration, having ended his own life far too early.

So let's all raise a glass to Noel, and the 25-plus years that he and Strings gave to Denver.

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Strings - CLOSED

1700 Humboldt St., Denver, CO

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Tracy Allison Altman
Tracy Allison Altman

My first top-tier meal in Denver was at Strings: Chicken with 17 Garlic Cloves. Still the best I ever had. RIP Mr. Cunningham.



Chef-O will always be with us....


Word has it that this will become the location for Lon Symensma's new restaurant.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Well, I think we all saw this coming.  It was Noel's baby and once he was gone so was the passion that it takes to keep a major restaurant afloat.  I just hope that someone with his class and talent will take over the space.  It should be a Denver restaurant landmark.  Hello Alex??  Fruition could certainly use more space.

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