Reader: $13 for a friggin' cheeseburger?

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BBQ, cheddar and bacon burger at Tom's Urban 24.
Since Tom Ryan founded Smashburger, it's no surprise that his namesake Tom's Urban 24serves a good burger. "Made with eight ounces of ground Angus, the patty isn't smashed to order, as it is at Ryan's other joint -- that technique doesn't work as well on a chargrill -- but it is marbled with a half-ounce of frozen, grated butter," Gretchen Kurtz reveals in this week's review of Tom's Urban 24. "Topped with bacon, cheddar and Stranahan's Whiskey barbecue sauce and barely contained in a toasted brioche bun, the burger is every bit as good as it should be, considering Ryan's pedigree."

But is it good enough for the price tag?

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Not according to Nope, who comments:

$13 for a friggin cheeseburger? Get the f*ck out of here, you overpriced nutjobs.

How much would you pay for a burger? And what's your favorite burger in town?

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Tom's Urban

1460 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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Some people are easily impressed by location and a fancy menu. They will pay $13 for  a dried piece of crap if they market it right.

It's a diner run by executives from the worst fast food franchises around. If you want a gourmet burger take a walk down the street to H-Burger. If you want to pay $13 for $3 worth of burger and $10 worth of marketing then Toms is your place.


I agree with Scratch, $13 is actually the going rate and when you factor in the overhead of the location and being open 24 hours, sounds fair to me.  If you want a cheaper burger there are many out there, you get what you pay for though as far as ambiance and location are concerned. 


$13 is pretty much the going rate for a half-pound loaded burger in Denver.  Considering that it's in Larimer Square I would consider it a bargain.


@Philo99 It is actually a restaurant run by the people that created the hottest fast casual brand going in the country today.  They also created about 300+ jobs in Colorado while they were at it. 

At your cost analysis Tom's wont be around to bother you much longer.  $3.00 food cost + $10.00 in marketing means they make $0.00 selling yourself a favor and don't open a restaurant with that math.

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