Reader: Andrew Zimmern's palate has been tarnished by undercooked testicles

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Lori Midson
Andrew Zimmern with Mary Nguyen of Parallel Seventeen.
When Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, listed the "Best Ethnic Food in the U.S." for Food & Wine, he lauded Denver for its Den-Mex -- gravy-like green chile in general, and the variations served at Chubby's and El Taco de Mexico, especially when accompanied by anything else from El Taco.

Many readers aren't fans of Zimmern's choices -- or of Zimmern himself.

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Says Clayton Graham:

Zimmern's palate has been tarnished by the likes of exotic peppers and undercooked testicles. Denver is an amazing farm to table city with progressive cultures inspired to eat "clean". The Sonoran southwest is undoubtedly America's best Mexican and South American food representation.

What do you think is the best ethnic food in Denver? And what do you think of Zimmern? Find many more opinions in the conversation already under way here.

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El Taco De Mexico

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Brad Gordon
Brad Gordon

So the more money you make the more right you are no matter what?

Zac Ballentine
Zac Ballentine

Lets just say that Andrew Zimmern probably makes way more money than Clayton Graham!!!! Clayton has no idea what he is talking about.

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