Reader: Talking on a cell phone in a restaurant is as dirty as a diaper change

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Stapleton Starbucks: Would you rather witness a cell phone conversation or a diaper change?
Alex and Ruth Burgos made big news after they changed their one-year-old's dirty diaper on a table at the Starbucks in Stapleton, as a (very) public complaint over the lack of changing tables in the bathroom. They didn't get much sympathy. Some readers wondered why they just didn't take it outside; after all, it's unlikely they walked to this location, so they could have done the diaper-change in their car. The brewhaha inspired Jenn Wohletz to come up with a list of four more things that people shouldn't have to be told were very bad (and unappetizing) restaurant behaviors. And perhaps that list was too short...

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Says artcarmark:

Don't talk on your CELL PHONE!

I'm so tired of listening to people, at the dinner table, talk at peak volume into their phones. As if I want to listen to one side of a conversation that I care nothing about. Hang up and pay attention to the people you are with. If you have to take a call, excuse yourself from the table and take it outside. It's just common courtesy!

Is talking on a cell phone a bigger sin than changing a diaper on a dining room table? What bad behaviors would you like to ban from restaurants?

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Please.  One activity could end up in the death of someone, particularly anyone young, old or immunocompromised, thanks to e coli contamination.  The phone thing is simply annoying.  It will not result in anyone's death.

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