Reader: Common Grounds closed? There goes the neighborhood

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Danielle Lirette
Common Grounds provided common ground in Highland for two decades.
When Common Grounds opened at 3484 West 32nd Avenue back in 1992, this part of Highland was far from the hot restaurant neighborhood it is today. And by providing a place where neighbors could gather, with a welcoming atmosphere that drew people from across town, Common Grounds helped heat up the area. It's so hot today that the landlord recently raised the rent 40 percent -- which was too much for Common Grounds. After two decades, it poured its last cup in its original home on Monday; it will reopen next month in Sunnyside.

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Says Philo99:

The neighborhood is changing so much and I fear most of it will be for the worse. The list of places that are closing due to high rents:

Common Grounds.
Urbanistic Tea and Bike Shop
Indulgences Day Spa

Pretty soon we will be left with a Jimmy John's, a Tequila Bar and medical marijuana dispensary.

What do you think of the changes in Highland? Along this stretch of West 32nd Avenue in particular? And watch for our Restaurant roll call for April, a compendium of openings and closings, on Cafe Society this morning.

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Common Grounds - CLOSED

3484 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

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Where will people ever find a local coffee shop in Denver now??????????


When I hear people lament about the closing of locally owned or a long time business in the neighborhood, I always wonder when was the last time they bought Tea at Urbanistic, or a great outfit at Babareeba, or a sandwich at Heidi's.   So many times the same people crying over a closing have not darkened the door of the shop for years.  Hate to see any business close or move, but the truth is change happens.


@Mawhit Hopefully wondering about that won't keep you up at night. 

I worry more about the friends and neighbors, that have lived and worked in this neighborhood with me, some for over 15 years. I worry that they have to move or close the businesses they worked so hard at. 

Common Grounds is moving to Sunnyside, and Urbanistic is moving to 35 and Tennyson so hopefully everyone will go out and support them.

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