Reader: Corner House? Why review the same places Westword rants about all the time?

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Lori Midson
Matt Selby in the kitchen at Corner House.
When she chooses the restaurants she will review, Gretchen Kurtz balances many concerns. Is the restaurant located in a part of town she hasn't written about lately? Does it serve a kind of cuisine she hasn't reviewed lately? Is it expensive or economical? A celebrated spot or a secret? Is it old or new -- but not too new to review?

When Matt Selby announced last fall that he was leaving the Vesta group for a kitchen of his own at Corner House, a new restaurant opening in Jefferson Park, it created quite a buzz on the Denver dining scene. Corner House recently passed the three-month mark, and Kurtz reviews the place this week.

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But at least one reader wondered about her choice. Says FoodCrazy:

Gretchen -- you're always reviewing the same places that Westword rants about all the time. The places you review may all be new to you but they aren't to many of us. Please try going out of the mainstream and turn us on to some new different places for a big fat change. Thanks.

What places would you like Gretchen Kurtz to review? Post your suggestions below.

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Corner House - CLOSED

2240 Clay St., Denver, CO

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Many don't realize that the restaurants that are commonly reviewed by media are largely in part to the public relations teams behind the establishments and their reinventing of new and old concepts. The ones that we tend to hear about quite frequently are because they are actively coming up with new ideas and ways to think about food and drinks and how us as consumers find the resons to enjoy them. 

When a new restaurant opens, expect a big media push, not because they are run collectively, but because they all get the same press releases in their inboxes. After that, restaurants either continue making the headlines because they have a reputable member of their staff or hire a public relations team to get their message out.

When I began Industry Denver, I started by scouting the people behind the concepts - the bartenders, the chefs, the servers, and brought a different light into how we approach the question of 'Where to go tonight?' But that doesnt mean that even I won't have content similar to these other publications. 

From the editorial side, you have to remember that to make a publication reputable you have to write about the hot news, not necessarily because we want to, but because people expect us to. Some people, much like this reader follow many blogs and storylines and media outlets to stay informed, but most really only check about one or two blogs out weekly - or less.

I encourage you to take a look into what Industry Denver is doing for food and drink culture writing, I consistently follow 4 blogs daily just for reference and I actually appreciate their different outlooks on different concepts. 

That was a great question, though. Many, much like me at this time last year aren't as informed about how we actually pick up our stories and what types of research and follow up a story could entail. Stop by the Industry Denver website ( sometime and let me know what you thought of our stories!

-Kyle Dill, Editor, Industry Denver


My complaint is that you and other publications (Denver Post and 5280, namely) tend to review the exact same places within a couple of weeks of each other.  I know you all have to remain anonymous as reviewers, but maybe a little coordination between you would spread it out a little bit.

Mantonat topcommenter

@avs1cup It probably happens because all the food critics are trying to be the first to review the hot new places. I'm pretty sure the various competing publications in any city don't run as a collective. 

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