Exclusive first look: Live Basil Pizza opens Thursday in south Denver

All photos by Lori Midson.







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Live Basil Pizza

6305 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO

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Is anyone else fed up with restaurant menus with the phrase "local ingredients are sourced whenever possible."?

What is written right here is a great example of the sham that so many people fork over their hard working money for.  For example the tomatoes used in this concept are NOT organic.  I'm sure the nice little display of basil plants are just that- display.  Anyone really think that is what is used on the pizza?  I think restaurants get away with claiming that they use local and organic products which adds perceived extra value that more often than not is a cozy lie that restauranteurs want to tell and customers eagerly spoon up.  Its straight up false advertising.  This is a convenient line of BS that these restaurants are rarely held accountable for.


Isn't this the second pizza concept from this group, the first being Tossa Pizza, which opened in Boulder and is now closed?


@steve Uh, it says in the article that the basil will be hydroponically grown in-store and plucked fresh for each pizza, so yeah - that does sound like what's going to be used on the pizza.  As far as the tomatoes, do you have some kind of inside info that they're not organic?  The owner says in the article that they'll be using organic San Marzano's, so I would expect that's probably what they're using.  

Personally, I love that restaurants are now making an effort to use better ingredients and their customers are demanding it.  The fact that this has become the norm is, to me, a great thing - the expectation is now that you'll get at least reasonable efforts to get the good stuff, rather than the assumption that whatever's in the Sysco truck that week will work.


@barslinger This one was originally scheduled to be called Tossa as well.  There were signs up on the property with the Tossa name.  They tweaked the concept and changed the name to Live Basil.  It's my understanding that the Boulder location was always scheduled to be a temporary test store to work out the kinks.


@bondadprevalece @barslinger Hey if you're going to be a guinea pig, at least you're testing pizza.  If Live Basil goes over as well as they hope, I'm sure it will turn back up in Boulder before long.

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