Ghost Plate & Tap will shutter on Friday

Lori Midson
TJ Hobbs, the current chef of Ghost Plate & Tap, will become the corporate training chef for Breckenridge/Wynkoop.

Next month, Ghost Plate & Tap, an elevated pub with a formidable beer list and an excellent cocktail program, would have celebrated its second anniversary downtown, but the Wynkoop/Breckenridge concept, which opened in June of 2011, is shuttering just shy of its two-year anniversary, closing this Friday, directly after lunch service.

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"When Ghost opened, it was a greatest hits concept," says publicist Stefanie Jones, adding that the "most iconic dishes" from the Wynkoop Brewery, Breckenridge Brewery, Wazee Supper Club, Goosetown Tavern, Gaetano's and Ale House at Amato's -- all of which are owned by Lee Driscoll and Ed Cerkovnik -- were on the menu at Ghost, which didn't make a whole lot of sense, especially considering Ghost's proximity to the Wynkoop Brewery and Breckenridge Brewery, both of which are just blocks away.

"Ghost was sort of cannibalizing from the Wynkoop and Breckenridge Brewery, and Lee and Ed made an intentional decision to review concepts as they opened, and in closing Ghost, they're trying to limit the replications of their other concepts," explains Jones. "They'd rather strive to open new and unique concepts in the Colorado market," she adds.

And with two additional restaurants in the works -- MainLine in Fort Collins, a behemoth 11,000-square-foot bistro that will open in July and a still-unnamed restaurant on South Pearl Street that will open in September in the Izakaya Den space -- there's plenty to keep Driscoll and Cerkovnik busy. And according to Jones, both of those restaurants will focus on beers, cocktails and upscale food. Bar-star Ken Kodys is overseeing all of the cocktail programs at the Wynkoop/Breckenridge restaurants, and the kitchens, says Jones, are "focused on elevating the culinary experience and moving away from pub grub."

As for Ghost, which is owned -- not leased -- by Driscoll and Cerkovnik, there are no current plans for a new tenant to take up residence in the historic building that was home to the Rocky Mountain Diner for years. The staff, stresses Jones, were all given severance and offered jobs at the other Wynkoop/Breckenridge restaurants, and TJ Hobbs, the current chef of Ghost, will now be the corporate training chef for all of those concepts.

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I tried to eat there once, about a month after the place had opened. It was an hour before the closing time posted on the door. I waited at the door for about 5 minutes before someone came around and told me and my party that the kitchen was already closed. I never went back.

bondadprevalece topcommenter

People like "pub grub." I don't understand why Wynkoop, etc. are so obsessed with "elevating" their food.


Damn, I used my Denver Dining Deck card there just a few weeks ago—and would have been far better off taking the odds of sending in for a replacement. Substandard experience all around. Agree with Cruicialbee1, huge steps backwards from the historical RM Diner. 

Chad Steele
Chad Steele

Good riddance... they pushed their 20 year tenant (rocky mountain diner) out to try and hijack their well earned patrons... guess what... we walked and didn't come back.

Sam Martinez
Sam Martinez

Food wasn't that good. That patio was weird and the prices kept me away.

Ian Errl
Ian Errl

Too bad, the food was awesome.

LaFonda Traore
LaFonda Traore

Not sad. I thought they were overpriced from the git go. That is all.

Matt Mega C
Matt Mega C

They obviously didn't have enough beers on tap. Should have dolled out the cash and had more. I never ate there cause they didn't have any of the beers I liked.

Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

Bummer, I enjoyed that place. I will have to say goodbye.


Wow!  We lost the Rocky Mountain Diner for all of this.  Nice Job, Guys --

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