Reader: Twelve offers a good dining value -- and a great amuse bouche

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When Lori Midson went to twelve this week for a birthday celebration, she feasted on everything from beet carpaccio to sweetbreads. But the real star was the amuse bouche, a grilled scallop in a pool of squid ink. It was a generous offering from a generous chef, Jeff Osaka, named Best Chef Ambassador in the Best of Denver 2013 for his work on behalf of the Denver dining scene.

But he also does very good work in his restaurant.

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Says Denver Dave:

How cool is that? How many places offer an amuse-bouche in these days where some places expect you to pay for bread and butter? I've always thought that Chef Osaka is a generous plater and Twelve offers a good dining value.

Have you eaten at Twelve lately? What did you think? And where would you pay for bread and butter?

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Twelve Restaurant - CLOSED

2233 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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Probably not the right place for this, but given the title it made me think: Westword should do a column highlighting the best deals in Denver/Boulder dining.  Not necessarily specials or sales (though that's fine too), but places that are just a great value for what you get.  Could be dives on South Federal, could be upscale places that aren't as spendy as they seem, could be places that are generally expensive but have menu items that are excellent and underpriced.  I love reading the reviews here but frankly I can't really afford to eat at a lot of the places profiled and it would be great to learn about places that are a great deal for what you get.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


In reference to one of Denver Dave's earlier posts:

Just think.......if we were all as rich as Denver Dave, we could "fine dine" all the time and wouldn't need a column like the one you're suggesting.


@foodcrazy @monopod Meh, "fine dining" all the time would be boring.  Going out to eat is something of a luxury, so when I do I'm disappointed if I feel like I wasted the opportunity on something that wasn't worth what I paid regardless of whether it was "fine dining" or not.  I've had $150 meals that were worth every penny, and $10 meals where I wanted my sawbuck back.

Mantonat topcommenter

@monopod @bondadprevalece That would be the hard part about doing a series on "value." Ultimately, value is based on how good the food is. So every restaurant review is really about value - did you enjoy the food and restaurant enough to justify what you paid? You're right - whether it's a $5 lunch or a $200 tasting menu, you have to feel like you got what you paid for. I've had cheap lunches that were a waste of the energy it took to chew and swallow, and I've had $150 dinners where I left thinking I could have purchase 100 really good tacos for the same price.

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