Marco's Pizza (no, the other Marco's) has good service, but olives are the pits

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All photos by Jenn Wohletz.
A one-topping jalapeno pizza from Marco's Pizza.I had one of those accidental TMI conversations right in front of the guy ringing me up at Marco's Pizza. My boyfriend and I were discussing Game of Thrones (and by discussing, I mean I was going on for minutes while he was pretending to listen and care) and I was lecturing him on the character change from book to show without realizing that I was describing a male appendage in a bit too much in detail.

Then I realized it, and there was a moment of awkward silence. I totally apologized to the cashier for overshare -- but he just laughed and said it was cool. I gave him a good tip.

Restaurant staffers with well-developed senses of humor are a real treat in a world of sour, cranky customer service -- and the pizza, salad and wings at the newly opened Marco's Pizza weren't bad, either.

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J. Wohletz
Marco's Pizza on East Colfax.
Marco's Pizza -- not to be confused with Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza or Osteria Marco -- is a pie chain out of Ohio founded by Pasquale "Pat" Giammarco, who came to the U.S. from Italy as a kid and worked in his family's pizzeria. He took a family sauce recipe, opened the first Marco's Pizza in Toledo in 1978, started expanding into the Midwest and continues expanding today, with more than 200 franchised and company-owned stores in eighteen states and the Bahamas; nine of those locations are here in Colorado. Giammarco's brags are dough made fresh every day, never-frozen cheese blend and a secret sauce recipe.

I like secrets, but I'm willing to bet that tomatoes are one of the ingredients.

I had never heard of the place until some of those coupon fliers showed up in my mailbox, and since cheap pizza is almost as good as free pizza, I stopped at the Marco's at 2207 East Colfax Avenue, where I continued my naughty, mostly one-sided conversation from the car into the store.

Inside, the space is well-lit and very clean but small -- there are no dine-in tables -- with a beverage cooler stocked with the one thing every pizza place should have: energy drinks. Pizza can make you helluh sleepy, but if you sip on a Rockstar between slices, it helps to mitigate the snooze. I took a short break from tediously Jenn-splaining Game of Throne's allies and enemies to scan the menu; along with pizzas, Marco's offers up sub sandwiches (recognizable ones like ham & cheese, veggie, meatball and Italian sausage) cheezy bread (Marco's spelling, not mine), wings both regular and boneless, some hearty-looking salads and cinnamon squares for dessert.

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Marco's Pizza

2207 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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'Pizzerias' that cook their pizza in toaster oven style ovens are not real Pizzerias. It is a shame that people in Denver accept this type of pizza.


..... ' jenn-splaining ' .. unnnnng! this writing is the literary equivalant to the duck face


Only a d-bag would have an energy drink with pizza.

joey murdah
joey murdah

I went last week and got a few slices, seemed like they had been sitting there for awhile. I will stick with ordering a whole pizza next time so I can really try it out.


"I'd put the Marco's pies firmly in the "better-then-the-Hut" category, and provided the employees do a better pit-check on the salads"

And have WW editors do a better spelling-check on the articles.

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