Reader: Go to Costco if you don't like Opus's prices -- no one is making you go out

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Danielle Lirette
Filet mignon at Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar.
After Opus left Littleton last summer, it moved up to Cherry Creek, where it merged with Aria. Last week chef Sean McGaughey unveiled the new look and menu of Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar at 250 Josephine, a location that has swallowed up many previous occupants.

Can the Opus/Aria combination brighten this former black hole? Not at the prices it's charging, says Bugsycook: "How much do they charge for that order of 3 bites of filet mignon? $18.00."

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But that inspired this response from bonvivant:

So, go to Costco. No one is making you go out to eat. You can always buy ingredients cheaper at the grocery and prepare it yourself. Quality versus quantity. Believe it or not, the food at the restaurant actually sometimes tastes better than your own cooking. Maybe because the chefs are professionals who have studied cuisine and prepared food for years, working very long hours in restaurant kitchens developing their skills. Maybe their portions are actually the correct serving sizes? Maybe you won't get obese eating there.

Have you eaten at Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar? What do you think of the food? The value? And to read more from bugsycook, go to the comments here.

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Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar

250 Josephine St., Denver, CO

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I'm starting to get pretty tired of people who choose to go out to dinner at one of our up-an-coming restaurants (Squeaky, Old Major, Beast + Bottle, Corner House, etc...) and then complain about the price of admission. "Oh, it's SOOO cool that Colorado is so local! Oh it's so amazing that this chef is buying his pigs from a farm in Hotchkiss! All the ingredients at this restaurant are grown on a farm in someone's backyard! But wait, you want me to PAY for that too??! Well fuck your overpriced restaurant!!"

These "local" things you rave about have a high price tag to begin with. It takes a LOT of money to raise an animal to slaughter. For example

Pig:  $85
Feed:  $225 (with a heavy subsidy of garden gleaings)
Processing:  $200 + curing charges (USDA inspected, vacuum packed)
Subtotal:  $490 per pig

Shelter:  $18 per pig
Electric Polywire/Netting:  $21 per pig
Fountains/Tanks:  $4 per pig
Feeders:  $5 per pig
Transport to Slaughter:  $10 per pig
Then there's insurance and other crap that roughly goes into all of this, but when it's all said and done you're looking at $800-900 it costs the farmer to grow that pig. Around $2.34/pound of meat. Then THEY have to eat and pay their rent, so they charge the restaurants more. It's economics.

So say your local restaurant gets a great deal and is paying a little over $3.00 a pound for the meat they bring in. Phew! Then you take that pig and put part of it on a plate with vegetables that also cost a substantial amount of money. Then you have to pay all the people who cook that food for you. And the guy has to buy a plate for you to eat it on. And a fork. And a knife for you to hack it up with. And the waiter has to get paid. And there's insurance to make sure if he slips and falls on some puddle somewhere, that he can get medical attention. And the lights have to stay on so you can see what you're eating, right? And you need a glass for that water you guzzle your pig down with. And then you'll probably want a glass of wine. So you'll need a wine glass. And the bar will have to have a bottle for that to come out of. And you don't even WANT to get into all the people who get paid for you to get that one glass of malbec. Then "CRASH!" what's that noise? Some poor expo (who also gets paid) just dropped two plates of food while coming out of the kitchen. So someone's dinner will have to get made again, and we'll have to buy a couple more plates.

So for every restaurant goer who complains about the price of food in a nice restaurant on Yelp, or Westword, or where the hell ever you go to complain about things you know nothing about...there's always Olive Garden. Because when you're there you're family. A family that underpays its employees, buys the crappiest of produce made by Monsanto, and hacks up pigs who never see the light of day.

I'm sick to shit of this shit.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

" Maybe their portions are actually the correct serving sizes? Maybe you won't get obese eating there."

At $18.00 for three bites of filet mignon, I don't think many people WILL get obese eating there.

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