Reader: Paleolithic ancestors hunting confit pork ribs? I hate BS fad diets!

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Trout at Shine -- would a caveman recognize this dish?
Loren Cordain, a professor at Colorado State University since 1990, wrote the original version of The Paleo Diet a decade ago, but the eat-like-a-caveman regimen has taken off in recent years, given a real workout by CrossFit fans. By accident or design, chefs around town are offering dishes that fit within the diet, and yesterday Kate Gibbons served up "Ten dishes to satisfy your inner caveman." But more than one reader wondered if a caveman would recognize what's on the plate -- if, that is, he'd recognize a plate at all.

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Says Jon S:

I'm intrigued to learn from this list that our Paleolithic ancestors were out hunting confit pork ribs while gathering Tabasco sauce and ranch seasoning. I also had no idea they were able to find cold water fish like trout and salmon in the same areas as coconuts. But what's a little internal contradiction when you have books to sell? God, I hate these BS fad diets.
What do you think of the paleo diet? And what's the biggest BS diet you've ever heard of? Post your nominations below.

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Jon S, when it comes to what people want to put in their bodies, mind your own business. Why are you bothered by people trying to better their health? Why are you cynical about that?

When it comes to diet and nutrition, opinion and science vary across the board. Americans are bombarded with conflicting information about what they should eat. Should we listen to what the government tells us is proper nutrition? Ha! The Food Pyramid we all learned about in elementary school is ancient and most likely the by-product of food lobbying groups.

There may never be a consensus on what necessitates perfect nutrition. In fact, what works for one person, might not work for another, especially for folks with food sensitivity issues.

People who follow the Paleo Diet are just making choices based on what makes sense to them. At least they're trying to be healthy. Hell, its better than the Standard American Diet most people follow full of cheese-stuffed crust pizza, Oreos and Monster Energy Drinks.

But in the end, just shut up and eat whatever you want. So long as I, a taxpayer, don't have to pay for your diabetic-induced double amputation surgery, I don't give a fuck.

Kyndra Gardner
Kyndra Gardner

I think people pass judgement on things they don't understand and care not to learn more about.

Angel Bennett
Angel Bennett

So true. I flipped through one of the cookbooks at Costco & at least half of the ingredients you would have to go to a specialty diet food store to obtain. Eat less, mostly plants, and exercise. Simple.


Eat real food. Nothing that has to be broken down, processed, washed, bleached and pasteurized. I don't believe eating actual foods that can be picked, killed or dug out of the ground is a fad diet. There are detractors to all forms of eating from Vegan to Vegetarian to Paleo to Raw. As long as this diet isn't hurting you what's the harm in helping people achieve their health goals?

Find what's right for you, right for your body, and let others find their path. 

Crystal Vales
Crystal Vales

Yeah, I hate those diets too. It's just another way of eliminating food groups.


The paleo diet has been dismissed as poorly-researched nonsense by just about every nutritionist, biologist, and medical professional who doesn't have a stake in its popularity.  When U.S. News gathered a panel to rank American diets a few years ago, it came in dead last.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I couldn't agree more with Jon S.

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