Paul Attardi steps in at Old Major, replacing Jonathan Greschler

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Lori Midson
Jonathan Greschler's departure from Old Major last week came as a shock to those who'd watched his partnership with chef Justin Brunson survive the shuttering of Wild Catch, and then find a new home over in the Lower Highland neighborhood. But it looks like Old Major owner Juan Padro -- who is also an owner at nearby Highland Tap & Burger -- moved quickly to fill the void, and just a week later he's bringing in a heavy hitter to take the general manager role.

We've gotten word that Paul Attardi, who oversaw the host stand and dining room at Fruition for almost six years, will step into that position imminently.

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Attardi left Fruition, where he'd been maitre' d and a front-of-house fixture, at the end of last year, ending a long business partnership with that restaurant's chef-owner, Alex Siedel, and vacating a post that had earned Attardi recognition as one of the bastions of hospitality in this city. Since then, he's been lying relatively low.

Now, though, Attardi will pick up the reins at the Denver restaurant that's been drawing big crowds since it opened in late February, bringing his own brand of hospitality to 33rd and Tejon.

Padro's official line on signing Attardi to his team is that he has no official line: He won't confirm or deny that the former maitre' d -- or anyone else, for that matter -- has accepted the position until his new manager actually works a night on the floor.

And that could be as soon as today: According to our source, you'll be able to find Attardi working the floor at Old Major starting tonight.

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Old Major

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WillieStortz topcommenter

If anyone can straighten that place out it's Paul. 


Wow! Great news. I had just searched for him last week to see where he ended up! Looking forward to having him back in the scene.


This is the most amazing news!!!  I haven't stepped into Fruition since Mr. Attardi left and am now so looking forward to my next visit to Old Major.  This is the best thing that could have happened to Old Major - how fortunate for those people working there and for all of us diners!!!


That's the Denver food-world equivalent of the Broncos signing Peyton Manning.  It can only mean great things for the restaurant.


Or it means they hired an experienced maitre'd. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let me know when Paul is cooking the food and ensuring the kitchen gets it out in a timely manner - areas that both needed help during my visits.

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